Why Three Twelve?

The name of my business has a meaning that is incredibly close to my heart and something that is with me every day of my life. In March 2014, my husband and I welcomed our tiny stillborn daughter, Hope into a hospital room in Boston, MA. She was just under 24 weeks old and perfect. For an hour, we got to hold her, and love her, and let her know how much she was wanted. Having her was one of the hardest, but best decisions we have made as a couple and while it felt like we were drowning for weeks afterwards, each step has been worth it all, just to know that she is part of our family always.

I'd been maintaining a blog and booking sessions on and off before she was born and took a hiatus afterwards, not really sure what to do with any of it. When I decided to start out again, the idea of creating a business name that wasn't just about me seemed appealing, but coming up with one was a totally different story. I wanted it to somehow include her but as I am sure you can imagine, her name is very common and a word spoken every day! Then I switched gears and looked at her arrival from another angle, and her birth date felt like a good fit for this small creative venture.