Roberts Family.

I first met Wake and Leah last year when we did a fun fall session at MIT with their mums, Kelly and Christina. I was really happy when they contacted me to do another session, this time away from the hustle and bustle of busy brains and changing the world, and into the quiet of nature and the outdoors . . . sort of. With four year old twins, I am not sure quiet is an associated word :) These two are seriously sweet and very different. Leah is soft spoken and thoughtful, but knows how to hold her own against her brother. Wake is very outgoing and energetic, but was still somewhat reluctant to show me his favorite Star Wars character's best fighting moves.

Metonomy Rocks turned on some beautiful autumnal colors and between nature and these two, we came away with some card-worthy shots (and I always love to see clients using their photos not only for their homes and memories, but to share with those they love).