UK loves USA

I love weddings. Seriously love. I mean with the happiest people on the planet, good food, some delicious beverages, music, toasts, dancing - what's not to love? But here's the thing. I don't photograph weddings. I have some amazingly talented friends who do and I see how much passion they have for their craft and their chosen genre. And it's reflected in the gorgeous images they turn out for their clients' big days. However, it can't always be black and white. And I couldn't refuse our friend's sister's request to have me photograph her wedding to her British sailor in Central Park.

Their situation is the same story that Curt and I lived through to get ourselves in the same postal code. The names have changed, and some of the documents, background checks, and other formalities are a bit different. But when you love someone, going through the slow churning wheels of immigration won't stop you. We're proof - and here's some more: Amy and Matt met in Rio De Janeiro, have done long and short distance, and several months ago tied the official knot at City Hall in NYC. This intimate gathering of 55 of their closest family and friends from all over the world was a culmination of months of paperwork, flights, exams (Amy just finished medical school in the middle of all of this!), applications, and of course, wedding planning. It all came together on a perfect summer day in the Conservatory Gardens of Central Park, where under the watchful eye of an unexpected busload of tourists and accompanied by the musical stylings of Curt (so proud!) and Amy's friend Cindy, they said I do for each other and not for paperwork. The couple celebrated their second wedding with a long brunch at Delancey and Ludlow in the Lower East Side, and then danced the afternoon away on the rooftop before heading to Hawaii the next morning.

It was the *insert large number here* 'nth wedding we have been to, but it was the connection through our own personal experience that really made it such an awesome wedding to be a part of. 

As for my wedding career? Well . . . .  I could be persuaded again. The best of everything Amy and Matt, as you begin the next part of your journey together.