Elopement - Signe & Tim

Winter weddings: for couples who are seriously in love. Signe and Tim definitely fit this category, and I am so glad we connected! Photographing their Boston City Hall elopement was so much fun and their personalities and willingness to go jacket-less in the extremely cold conditions, made the sniffles and barely felt fingers totally worth it. And that was both myself and the bride! Signe and Tim have shared a journey together that is inspiring to say the least. Just over a year ago, Signe embarked on a mission - to lose over 100lbs and get her life back. She has more than succeeded in doing this (using a combination of real food and the intensity of Crossfit) and Tim has supported her from day one. As she relayed this story to me over hot drinks when we met for the first time (it was chilly that day too and we sat outside - I'm sensing a pattern here!), I knew that these two were not only meant for each other, but deserved to have beautiful images to celebrate and remember this important day. I am sure Tim won't mind me shining the spotlight on his gorgeous wife here - because she just radiates a sense of natural beauty and strength in these images. We started out on the Waterfront (hello sea breeze!), where the two of them have walked miles together as part of Signe's fitness program, and worked our way around to the Greenway and then through the backstreets behind Fanueil Hall to City Hall where they said I do, in front of a small group of their loved ones, before heading to the Oak Bar at the Fairmont to celebrate (and warm up!).

Signe and Tim - thank you so much for including me in your big (but small!) day. Elopements hold special meaning for me and I feel so fortunate that we connected!  Best wishes for everything wonderful!