Briana - Headshot session

I get really bad second-hand nervousness for people in situations that I personally would find a way to be embarrassed about. Which is a big reason why I admire stage actors so much - they put themselves out there (and even then, they're playing someone else anyway!) often over several weeks to draw an audience into their character's real world and find a way to connect with them beyond just buying a ticket and sitting in a seat. I met Briana a couple of years ago at a business intensive and since then her passion for acting has taken center stage (ahem!), everywhere from local productions to her dream Shakespeare intensive in NYC. Shortly she will be playing Stella in a Streetcar Named Desire at the Hanover Theatre in Central MA (I think I have an English class essay about that buried in my childhood bedroom somewhere!!), but before that she asked me for a headshot session while she was in the city and as it turned out, it was the one day where it was actually above freezing and not snowing! And this girl is good - in front of any camera or audience. Bonus points from me for being able to wear a sleeveless shirt and still act like it was a spring session!