Matti & Sheryl

We've been to a LOT of weddings since we had our own City Hall nuptials . . .errrrrr .. .  a while ago. I just love how unique each one is - celebrating both the individuals where they're coming from and where they're going as a couple. Matti and Sheryl's low key but so appropriately detailed reception fits right in with that idea. They wanted their family and friends to feel welcome and appreciated, and they created that atmosphere with the help of some very creative and talented people, who knew this couple so very well. Matti and Sheryl - I was floored when you hired me in advance at seven months pregnant and was so appreciative of how welcome you made my family feel so that our daughter could stay fed and happy while I was capturing your gorgeous reception. I'm looking forward to bringing my camera out to your official vows later this month!

Event Details & Design: Urit Chaimovitz (

Sheryl's make up: Jeri LaShay (

Living art cherry blossoms: TEN31 Productions (

Food: Jared Forman (

Music: Evelyn Tsen (

           Fleur Seule (based out of NYC) (