Lynch Family

So, I should be taking a shower/cleaning our apartment/sending out (very delayed) birth announcements right now while Baby G is napping, but instead I am nurturing my rather neglected little piece of online space with some fresh sessions from the past two months! 

Last year I did some headshots for Strang Scott law firm in Kenmore Sq and one of the lovely members of that team was Katie. The fun challenge for me with her headshot, was that she was then six months pregnant with twin girls so I had to work out some different poses to minimize the bump(s) and keep her photo current for their website.  After working with her last year, she asked me to come and do a session with their beautiful twinkies Keira and Madigan, and their two rather proud older brothers, Dylan and Jameson (aka Jackhammer - how cute is that self assigned nickname?). So, essentially I worked out for an hour or so :) I was schooled in the upcoming Minions movie, given a tour of their bedroom, and then a lesson in swinging and how to help others swing. Oh, and there may or may not have been a chocolate race. Meanwhile is there anything cuter than five month old girls x 2? The answer is no. Obviously.