Sam & Quinn - senior session

W.C Fields said,  "You should never work with children or animals". Clearly he never met a horse like Quinn. When Sam contacted me via Instagram asking if I would do her senior session and mentioned that she wanted to include her horse as part of it, I figured it would be a good experience. Check that - it was a great experience! Sam has been riding horses since she was little and in the past year was able to acquire her own ride, a beautiful mare called Quinn who came from a difficult owner situation. Sam has bonded with her and it was clear during our time together that they 'get' each other. Well, Quinn does when she's not being cheeky (and yes she is actually smiling in the fourth photo down!). Congrats on making it to your senior year, Sam - hope it's full of amazing memories!

P:S It's probably just me, but doesn't the photo underneath have a very Taylor Swift-esque feel to it?