We love Lucy!

Miss Lucy is a 12 week old bundle of both nothing and everything all at the same time. One minute she's zonked out in someone's arms, the next minute she's racing around (and racing applies to both on and off leash) figuring out the world and who on earth all these other dogs are. Humans she's already wooed with her teeny tiny frame and wrinkly little face, not to mention her gangly legs that she is still trying to figure out how to work in unison so she can keep up with all her new canine friends. Given that she's a purebred Vizsla, her biggest problem will eventually be figuring out how to get everyone else to keep up with her! Sam and Allie wanted to see how she'd go in a really big park, so the four of us (along with Parker, of course!) went out to the Sheepfold - an off-leash dog area that is part of the The Fells just outside Boston. As you can see from the first photo versus the last photo, she made the most of her latest excursion (and she's in love with Parker - obviously :)). You can see more of her adventures via Instagram under @lucybvizsla .