The Freedmans - bicoastal Family reunion

Our family is spread all over the world and has been since I was born. So anytime people talk about long distance anything (relationships, family, travel) I definitely get it. And there are lots of times during my day that I wish family (and framily!) lived closer. Or that there was some sort of instant travel device available (Apple are you listening?). Even with FaceTime and Skype it's not the same as in person. The upside? When reunions happen they are so awesome and so worth the wait. So when my friend Michelle approached me about doing a family session for her mother-in-law, Sue's, 65th birthday party at the classically styled Dane Estate, I was more than happy to oblige. The Freedmans are bicoastal, with Matt and Michelle based in Boston with their daughter Madeleine, and Mike and Brooke in San Francisco with their baby boy, Nicholas. Sue was so thrilled to have them altogether, celebrated her birthday with them and many close friends into the warm summer evening. A great example of a worth-the-wait reunion!

Yuen Rhoads Family

The first time I ever met and photographed these two tots, they were a week old, calmly napping in their car seats in their apartment, while their mama, Lisa, raced around the kitchen whipping out warm croissants for me, brewing fresh coffee on the stove, and asking if there was anything I needed. Fast forward two years, and apart from their never-ending energy and ability to move at lightning speed, I still arrive to what Lisa would consider a disaster zone and I would instead call organized chaos for parents of twin toddlers. We've known this family for two years now (Kevin is credited with transforming Curt's golf game!) and even gatherings outside of a photo session are just so much fun. This was an hour and a bit of outdoor insanity in the best way, the kind of summer weather that makes you forget it was ever 100 below anything a few months ago, and a family who is gorgeous inside and out.

P:S: Lisa is a really amazing actress (we've seen her in The Putnam County Spelling Bee and Into The Woods) and you can see her performing in Sweeney Todd at The Lyric Theatre in Boston.