Awesome big sister = happy babies.

This family . . . just LOVE. These little guys are so, so fortunate to have such an awesome family to be born into, but even better an older sister who hasn't batted an eyelid since their arrival and cheerfully stepped into her much awaited role as big sister (which can be tough when you're also juggling your first year at school!). One of my favorite images from this session, has Evie helping to put back the missing binkie/pacifier/dummy (terminology depending on your cultural background :)) so Ben would be soothed. Together with his brother Luc, they're finding their feet (well, they literally soon will be!) in this crazy world and won't ever be short on hugs and kisses. And I have the most serious admiration for Jessica and Jason, who took our session in stride, as if it were something they do every day (and yes - I would gladly bring my camera out to them every day if that were the case!). Welcome Ben and Luc!