Seattle ---> Boston ----> Seattle.

I love getting phone calls, emails, text messages (and especially snail mail!) from returning clients. But it's even better when the returning clients have become good friends who not only ask to be in front of my camera, but then make impromptu dinner plans for the end of their trip, just so we can can catch up outside the session. Miss Zoe is about to be a big sister and won't have any problems filling those shoes. Our mini-trek around the South End was full of races, chases, and ended with daddy getting some (pretend) shots to help him feel better at the playground, courtesy of Dr Zoe. We really miss being able to see these guys more often but are so happy they have settled into their new hometown of Seattle and look forward to planning a trip to visit them and meet the newest member of their family. Oh, and if you're looking for a new place to eat and you happen to be wandering around Somerville, stop in at Highland Kitchen - really good food and low key atmosphere.