Tuyen and Jay

When juggling being a new mama and trying to take on clients and sessions at the same time, life becomes kind of a flying-by-the-seat of your pants set up. It's not something most people are innately good at and I am on a pretty steep learning curve at the moment (the smiles and now giggles, and the ability to still move people through photos makes it all worth it though!). So when a good friend and client called me on a Tuesday asking if I could photograph their friends' elopement at Cambridge City Hall that Friday, I wasn't sure it would work. But between Curt and I we figured out a plan and I am so glad that we did. 

Tuyen (from France) and Jay met through work and wanted a simple ceremony to precede their much bigger party in Paris next year. My hiring was their friends' wedding gift to them, as they hadn't planned on having any photography to remember their day by. We all gathered at City Hall in Cambridge .  . . and by all, I mean friends and family Skyping in from as far away as Paris and Vietnam. Wedded bliss 21st Century style! Afterwards I was able to grab a few minutes with the happy couple for some portraits on a nearby street, before they headed off to celebrate more with family and friends. Tuyen and Jay - weddings like this hold special meaning for me, because this is how we started our journey together too. We're putting Paris on the calendar (thanks for the invite) and hope we can make it to what is going to be a wonderful second wedding!