Chapman Family

Switching seasons, countries (and hemispheres!) from my backlog blog posts and showing off this very sweet family, through one of my very good high school girlfriends, Bec. If there was scale for motherly devotion, this girl would be off the charts. She's a fierce advocate for Lincoln and Ruby - whether it be school, health, or outside activities, all while pursuing her Masters in Psychology. Bec and her husband Scott recently moved into a house they built and are in the process of creating the perfect space for their growing family. Best photo below? Lincoln and his pups - so much love and friendship in that one image! Bec  - seriously, how did we end up this far out of high school? Wasn't it just yesterday we were figuring out how to get our French teacher to agree to an 'au chocolate' party, just so we could eat chocolate? Thanks for being so welcoming and congrats on the evolving Chapman compound! :)