Caira Family

Being a first time mama is not easy. But it's easier to navigate the sleep deprivation, poops for days, and high pitched wailing when you have a group of other mamas to empathize/sympathize with (and send random middle of the night Facebook messages aka babbling rants). That's where I met Cheryl and her gorgeous little love Violet. There are some lovely ladies (with equally adorable babies) in our group and it has been an absolute lifesaver for me to be able to connect in real and virtual time with these women. Cheryl asked me to come and photograph herself, Violet, and husband-daddy Doug on what turned out to be a very chilly but super sunny afternoon. Little did they know they were being pulled into a session where I got to guinea-pig them at a new location I found, while wandering the neighborhood with our own little muppet and dog. Unfortunately my first choice of background was blocked by a car - the downside of working in an urban neighborhood - but the Caira's made my second choice look like it was number one to begin with. And they were extremely good sports about the temps, even Violet who Cheryl claimed was not her usual cheerful self (can't believe this child would ever be anything but!). Special thanks to their cats for being so on cue for photos :)