Tiffany Ye - Back Bay Headshot session

This is Tiffany. I am labeling her a crazy person for one reason only - she left the warmth of sunny Texas to pursue her career in professional clarinet. And given that it is 10F (-12C for those following at home) outside while I am writing this post, I think my judgement is correct. But that's all I have on this talented transplant. Everything else is pretty much awesome. When she's not working on her Masters in Clarinet performance at Boston University, she's teaching others how to play the instrument that I only managed a few lessons in before falling back on piano (and before you ask, I can play more than 'Chopsticks' - I do a pretty rockin' Mary Had A Little Lamb). Tiffany is working on a new website and needed some updated Boston-like headshots, so we tootled around Back Bay on a balmy fall afternoon to give her some fresh images. I love seeing people follow what they love doing most and Tiffany is no exception. I'll be posting a link here for her new site when it goes live, but in the meantime both of us can confirm that Public Alley 414 has awesome acoustics!