Demopoulos Family

I was awake at 2.30 this morning feeding and changing a hungry and wet 10 month old. Just as I put her down a huge thunderstorm rolled through our neighborhood and I was awake for AGES after that. OK, it was probably more like half an hour. But it feels like ages at 3am. Needless to say I was a bit bleary-eyed this morning and it was an achievement in itself to get Baby G and Parker out for a late morning walk. Leading me to a new realization of mama-logic: when your child sleeps through the night you will feel tired the next morning and when they don't you will have heaps of energy, but do a bunch of things that weren't on your to do list. Ha! Speaking of mamas and energy, the family below is run by one amazing woman. Kendra organizes her four kids under 10 seamlessly (ignore whatever else she might tell you!), chauffeuring them to a million different social and sporting activities and not missing a beat. She and her husband JD invited to me to come and update their family photos and once the impromptu dance party was in full swing, the crazy didn't stop - and it was so. Much. Fun. Thanks Cate, Alexandra, Johnny, and sweet little Lizzie - I know you're definitely worth all the organized chaos!