Zia Family - South End

This little nugget wrapped up in a hurricane on the fast track to everything. From the moment the session started, right up to the end Aleena had me racing all over the place pausing only at the end for some cookies. And then possibly a nap. Ok, so the nap was me (isn't that the rule though - when the baby sleeps you sleep? Baby G just dropped her third nap but that means I could still have one . . . right? :)).

Fatima and I connected through my previous work life as a video editor and I was excited when she asked me to come and document an afternoon adventure in their South End neighborhood. I love wandering the streets around there and hadn't visited that area before. We had one of those last autumn days with that sweet hint of summer and had such a fun time navigating the local playground, meeting a local pup, and checking out some of the nearby shops. And if any session ends with some getting-to-know-you tea, then you have absolutely won me over. Thank you Fatima, Shahzad and of course the lovely Aleena for a fun afternoon!