Freedman Family - Welcome Norah!

I'm a big sister (and my  38 year old brother always likes to remind me how I still take on that role every now and then!) and apparently when he was born and we met for the first time, my face could have lit up my entire hometown. I don't remember much about the first couple of years but I know from watching our friends' little ones that it's an adjustment. Welcoming baby Norah into their house didn't seem to phase big sister Madeleine, which I think has a lot to do with how relaxed Matt and Michelle are as parents. And it also helps when you get a PB + J sandwich at your own size table. And tickle-fests. Welcome Norah! You have a fun and creative big sister who is going to show you all the ropes! Oh, and my favorite image? It has to be the last one - crazy busy family life doesn't have to be picture perfect . . . .  it just has to be.