Tiffany Ye - Back Bay Headshot session

This is Tiffany. I am labeling her a crazy person for one reason only - she left the warmth of sunny Texas to pursue her career in professional clarinet. And given that it is 10F (-12C for those following at home) outside while I am writing this post, I think my judgement is correct. But that's all I have on this talented transplant. Everything else is pretty much awesome. When she's not working on her Masters in Clarinet performance at Boston University, she's teaching others how to play the instrument that I only managed a few lessons in before falling back on piano (and before you ask, I can play more than 'Chopsticks' - I do a pretty rockin' Mary Had A Little Lamb). Tiffany is working on a new website and needed some updated Boston-like headshots, so we tootled around Back Bay on a balmy fall afternoon to give her some fresh images. I love seeing people follow what they love doing most and Tiffany is no exception. I'll be posting a link here for her new site when it goes live, but in the meantime both of us can confirm that Public Alley 414 has awesome acoustics!

Freedman Family - Fall session

How far behind am I on blogging sessions? This bump is now outside and running around! OK - that's a slight exaggeration, but Madeleine is now a big sister and baby Norah was born last week!! Michelle wanted to document their last couple of months as a family of three and had scheduled it for a weekend in October.. But germs prevailed at the last minute for poor M, so we ended up reworking to the following weekend. I think it might be the only time (ever) that Michelle will be OK with her little one being under the weather (no pun intended) because our session day turned out to be bright, sunny, and (gasp!) slightly warm - which made for some of the beautiful images below. Very much looking forward to meeting Nora soon and celebrating this gorgeous family!

Chapman Family

Switching seasons, countries (and hemispheres!) from my backlog blog posts and showing off this very sweet family, through one of my very good high school girlfriends, Bec. If there was scale for motherly devotion, this girl would be off the charts. She's a fierce advocate for Lincoln and Ruby - whether it be school, health, or outside activities, all while pursuing her Masters in Psychology. Bec and her husband Scott recently moved into a house they built and are in the process of creating the perfect space for their growing family. Best photo below? Lincoln and his pups - so much love and friendship in that one image! Bec  - seriously, how did we end up this far out of high school? Wasn't it just yesterday we were figuring out how to get our French teacher to agree to an 'au chocolate' party, just so we could eat chocolate? Thanks for being so welcoming and congrats on the evolving Chapman compound! :)

Caira Family

Being a first time mama is not easy. But it's easier to navigate the sleep deprivation, poops for days, and high pitched wailing when you have a group of other mamas to empathize/sympathize with (and send random middle of the night Facebook messages aka babbling rants). That's where I met Cheryl and her gorgeous little love Violet. There are some lovely ladies (with equally adorable babies) in our group and it has been an absolute lifesaver for me to be able to connect in real and virtual time with these women. Cheryl asked me to come and photograph herself, Violet, and husband-daddy Doug on what turned out to be a very chilly but super sunny afternoon. Little did they know they were being pulled into a session where I got to guinea-pig them at a new location I found, while wandering the neighborhood with our own little muppet and dog. Unfortunately my first choice of background was blocked by a car - the downside of working in an urban neighborhood - but the Caira's made my second choice look like it was number one to begin with. And they were extremely good sports about the temps, even Violet who Cheryl claimed was not her usual cheerful self (can't believe this child would ever be anything but!). Special thanks to their cats for being so on cue for photos :) 

Pretty in pink

Whenever I spend time with this family (and we've had a lot of dinners at their house - Lisa is definitely the hostess-with-the-mostess and official maker of the the best guacamole. Ever. Don't even try to dispute it because you won't even come close :) ) I leaving feeling so energized someone should film me doing the serious backlog of personal errands that I have and then just play it back in fast forward mode. This family makes me smile all the time! Penelope and Lola are so creative and fun (like their mama) and also so sweet and caring to each other and everyone they meet. Lisa and Kevin just floor me with how they keep up with their twin girls and also find time to balance their busy work lives. Their session was in August when the weather was still yummy and warm and looking back at these images makes it feel like winter might fly by a little faster. As a BIG side note, Lisa will be starring as Mary Poppins at the Wheelock Family Theatre in Boston from the end of January through the end of February and if it is anything like her previous roles (Putnam County Spelling Bee and Sweeney Todd) it's going to be amazing!